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We’ve been making award-winning short-form social video content for BBC Three since the channel went online in January 2016.

The content is very youth focused inline with the BBC Three audience and is always topical, relevant and sharable.

The videos have been a phenomenal viral success achieving viewing figures in the millions and helping to grow the channels online audience from 500 thousand to 1.8 million in just over a year.

The Challenge

The video is shared across BBC Three’s social channels and so must first catch the eye of the audience as they scroll on their devices, then it must resonate with them because of the relevance of the subject matter and the humour in the videos.

The main challenge with this work is in always trying to create something new and different, and to break new ground in social video content. BBC Three have firmly established themselves as a leading online channel and to match their ambitious plans the videos have to always be up-to-the-minute, appropriate for the audience, funny and very well executed.

The Solution

The format that we’ve created for this video campaign is funny, viral, sharable social videos that help to engage with, grow and entertain a demanding BBC Three audience.

We keep them punchy and as short as possible, and aim to cast a satirical eye over the week’s events in sport, politics and entertainment.

This shareable content has created huge online reach that has enabled BBC Three to grow at an incredible rate, and has helped to develop a strong personality and tone of voice that resonates with its audience, garnering brand loyalty, and driving up the viewing numbers of its online programming.

The Results

This video campaign helped to achieve significant growth across BBC Three’s digital platforms, with the YouTube channel jumping from 45,000 subscribers to 346,000 in the time we’ve been engaged (nearly three times its main rival, E4) and generating over 40 million views in the past year, with a monthly average of 4 million. It’s Facebook following has increased from 50 thousand to 1.6 million in the same period, with 761,000 on Twitter, up from 200,000.

Our videos regularly achieve viewing figures in the millions. The most successful in terms of Facebook reach being an Anchorman Premier League ‘mash-up’ video that scored 25 million Facebook views with a total reach 79 million, 255,000 likes and 337,000 shares.

Flow’s work has also helped to increase brand awareness for BBC Three and established a tone of voice for it’s social communications that is essential for an online-only brand.

BBC Three is now firmly established as one of the world’s leading youth-focused brands, with a huge global following.

Flow Creative has produced more than 100 videos for BBC Three to date, with a total viewing figures of over 100 million, and an estimated total reach of over 500 million.

Working with Flow Creative has provided an extraordinary boost to what we are doing at BBC Three. Since moving online we have set about becoming one of the biggest and best online brands in the world and we have done that by pushing boundaries, being bold and creating some extraordinary content.

The ideas that we come up with are social first, original and relevant and the beauty of working with Flow Creative is they understand what we are trying to do and turn our ideas into spectacular pieces of social content. The Anchorman/election video was a perfect example of this and is something we are incredibly proud of. The same can be said for our David Attenborough vs Love Island video, which was the perfect piece of content for our target audience.

As an overall campaign, Flow Creative’s video work has been extremely effective in connecting with and growing our online following.”

BBC Three