Big Chip Awards

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    Manchester Digital

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    Design / Print / Illustration / Animation / Copywriting

A suite of event collateral to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Big Chip Awards; an acknowledgement of the North’s best digital and tech companies.

The Challenge

2018 saw The Big Chip Awards enter its 20th year, and Manchester Digital wanted to create something extra special to kick-start the awards and get all the guests excited on the night.

We were tasked with bringing this year’s opening animation to life, bearing in mind the prestigious 20th year, and replicate that theme across a printed programme, lectern design, on-screen nominee presentation and suspense building countdown video.

Animation for Awards Event
Gaming animation for Awards Event
Awards event Opening Animation
Opening animation for Awards Event
Branding and animation for an event
Gamin animation for Event

The Solution

For us, the theme needed to get across two elements: digital progress and the mighty North. Gaming seemed a great way to capture those, and we developed a script that tied the awards to various computer games from years past and present, plus a few puns to capitalise on Northern pride! Space Invaders, Mario and Streetfighter were all referenced, with a few others to boot.

We designed a kick-ass female lead character who would appear in all animated scenes. She morphed and adapted to each game genre, in the same way Big Chip has evolved over the years. We set a rich colour palette of vibrant purples and gold to push the idea of a much sought after ‘special edition’.

As each scene depicted a different game, we called on some of our trusted animator friends to help bring a different style to each section, all the while using our heroine as the focal point of the action.

Our lead character also found herself appearing in the printed and digital assets on the night, in her various guises! The event programme, designed to resemble a 20th edition games cartridge, featured gold foiling on the cover and showcased the 8-bit font throughout its design. Iconic gaming phrases such as ‘player select’ and ‘game over’ brought a bit of extra humour to the content.

Event brochure, illustrated and designed
Inside Event brochure designed and illustrated like Retro game
Event brochure using gold foil
Event Brochure around gaming

The Result

The event was a huge success with the animation kicking off proceedings with a bang, and drawing spontaneous applause and cheers from the crowd! The final animation merged the mix of video game styles seamlessly, and helped to build the excitement and atmosphere on the night.

The event brochure needed to have a celebratory, ‘special edition’ feel to it, which it definitely did with the gold foil printing.

The lectern design and presentation deck completed the branded assets for the event, and they carried on the fun, colourful, playful vibe of the animation.

branded and illustrated presentation
Final Presentation page, in Big Chip branding Style
Event Collateral presentation
branded event presentation
Branded presentation judges page
Event Branding presentation

We couldn’t have been happier with the work Flow Creative have produced. The brochure this year has been the best one yet and we were blown away by the animation.

Manchester Digital