Creative Thinking App

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    British Council

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    Animation / Illustration

A series of animations featured in an app for teachers, to help them teach creative thinking skills in their classroom

Still from animation- people on hover boards and floating, futuristic
Children in observatory illustration/ still from animation
Maze children being lead by teacher to light bulb/idea

The Challenge

British Council are educating teachers on the importance of creative thinking and problem-solving skills, to future proof their students for the ever-evolving workplace. British Council were developing a mobile app as a tool for teachers to learn simple ways to teach creative thinking in their classroom. We won a creative pitch to help bring the app to life through engaging animations and voiceover.

The Solution

We knew the app was being launched in India (and planned to go global post-testing), so our challenge was to ensure our design and animations could easily translate both linguistically and culturally.

Creative thinking is a new concept to a lot of international schools meaning the tone of voice needed to be approachable and reassuring, both in our voiceover and visuals. We created a suite of friendly characters to guide teachers gently through the app. We used a bright and colourful palette, ensuring a mix of skin and hair tones to appeal to all audiences, and playful transitions to make the journey enjoyable to follow.

The app journey isn’t a linear story; teachers can make choices as they go to unlock different teaching methods, so we had to ensure our animations worked as both standalone sections and as part of a narrative. A challenge indeed, but one we managed to overcome!

lightbulbs, with clown lightbulb to represent ideas
Teacher with speech bubble saying 'What If'
still of an open textbook
still of animation which directs teachers to downloadable PDF, containing an image from each choice
List of Ideas in various colours
Children sat at table, joining ideas together, coming up with more
Children in classroom thinking

The Results

The app went into soft launch and testing in India in July 2018, and we are excited to hear how teachers respond. Watch this space!

Animation on phone
Title page for British council app

Flow impressed us at pitch stage with its originality. The team were really quick to grasp the complex brief and understand our key aim – to entice people to want to learn in a fun but not childish way – exceptionally well.

This is a significant and exciting project for us as it supports a wider programme to help students acquire 21st century skills. We’re really pleased with how the final animations turned out

-Sara Holt, Digital Content Manager