Fujitsu Dragonfly

An exciting, disruptive video designed to build anticipation and intrigue at Fujitsu’s 2018 Distinguished Engineers Conference.  

The Challenge

Fujitsu holds an annual conference to celebrate peer-nominated staff being recognised as Distinguished Engineers within the company. This year’s 2-day conference was held at Twickenham Stadium with 200 guests in attendance.

Rapport Agency, creative facilitators behind the event and responsible for the format of the two days, approached us to develop some exciting video content for their ‘disruption’ moment. Guests were unaware that their first evening would be interrupted by an ‘agent’ inviting them to partake in training with the D.I.S: the Dragonfly Intelligence Service. The training would be based around agility and innovation, two values that Fujitsu want to push as a company.

We needed to produce something that would support the agent’s exciting research revelations and build anticipation for the main event – the four Dragonfly training zones where guests would complete a series of challenges.

The Solution

Using the agent’s script as our guide we produced a digital mash-up that felt like an apt homage to Minority Report and The Matrix. Guests saw a mix of different techniques:

  • Hacker-style dragonfly glitches
  • Data analysis in pop-up windows
  • Location mapping
  • Human body scans
  • ‘Leaked’ live-action footage from secret meetings and the lab

All this led to the climax of the video, a title sequence that announced the Dragonfly Cup – the sought after accleade for top marks whilst competing in the training zones. The style of this section was tight close-ups of a dragonfly, built in 3D, showing intricate detail of the wings and body. High-tech callout boxes labelling specific parts of the dragonfly were added in post production to complete the sci-fi look and feel.

To top it off the edit was set to a heroic bespoke soundtrack, composed by Dom Jones, that perfectly complemented the visuals and set the scene for the rest of the evening.

The Results

The video went down really well with guests on the night, and enhanced their experience by making it feel more unexpected. Guests were then excited to turn their evening into one of challenges and training, and felt that they’d accomplished something by the time the event came to a close.

Flow were incredible to work with. Responsive, on-point and creatively excellent it was an absolute pleasure to work with them on the Dragonfly Cup animation. The quality of work is astounding and above and beyond what I was expecting