Little Treats Bakery

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    Little Treats Bakery

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    2D Animation, Art Direction

We worked with our friends at Beautiful Productions to create this fun, colourful animated video to showcase the range of hand-iced biscuits made by Little Treats.

The Challenge

The idea was to take static product shots of the biscuit range and bring them to life, infusing them with personality and fun.

The main challenge was in adding life to still images and making them appear to ‘come to life’ when the icing is applied.

Animation for product

illustration and animaiton of cookies

2d animation of cookie

illustrated cookies animated

product animation of cookies

Animation of cookie

3d animation of cookies

animation of illustrated cookies happy

The Solution

It’s all in the preparation sometimes with animation, and that was certainly the case here. We worked with a studio photographer to first capture images of the biscuits in as many angles as possible to help to animate them moving later. Then we had to split the images up into layers ready to animate.

Artwork prepared we created all the scenes based on rough storyboards, and then animated the characters and icing. The key was in making the icing appear to hit all the little guys and bring them to life.

character animation of cookies for little treats bakery

illustrated Cookies for Little Treats Bakery

Rocket animation for B2C business

animation of rockets for Product

animation of cookie design

3d character animation of Little Treats Bakery cookies

animation of Cookie Design and illustration for Little Treats bakery

Animation for Little Treats Bakery

Animation of illustrated cookies

animation lots of cookies for Little Treats Bakery

The Results

The end result is a fun, quirky and colourful animation that adds real character to the Little Treats brand.

The animation debuted at the Lunch Show (at Excel in London) and is expected to be featured on the website and a series of cut downs played out across a number of social channels throughout the year.

Flow were great to work with, they took a rough storyboard and lots of product shots and really brought it all to life! The video is great and the client loved it.

Beautiful Productions