Ministry of Sound

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    Ministry of Sound

  • Services

    3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, 3D Animation, Composting and Grading

A complex fully CG created and animated TV advert for an iconic brand.

The Challenge

We worked with our friends at Creative Spark on an ambitious project to create a realistic 3D guitar environment, and then animate a seamless camera fly-through of the interior and exterior space.

The Sparks came to us with a concept and rough storyboard with some key shots they wanted to see in the animation. The challenge was to then translate those initial ideas into a 3D environment that we could animate some cameras through, and get the artists / track names in there too, whilst all the time keeping the light as natural as possible and keeping the earthy tones of the wood.

The client wanted an ‘epic’ feel, a sweeping and dramatic piece of animation that matched the feeling of the acoustic album.

The Solution

After extensive research into the design and structure of acoustic guitars we created a very detailed model of the guitar in Maya, the frets, the bridge, the pick guard, the saddle, everything! (yes, we learned a lot about guitars during the process)

Then we applied realistic textures and UV mapping, and set up a mix of ambient and volumetric lights inside the space, and created a range of cameras of varying focal lengths and animated the paths as they move around the guitar interior and exterior.

Once we were all happy with the camera fly-through we rendered multiple passes of the 3D sequences – main geometry, lighting, ambient occlusion and depth. The sequences were then composited in After Effects where they’re colour graded and lighting effects were added.

The Results

The final video worked beautifully, all the hard work coming together in the amount of detail in the model and the style fits the album perfectly.

The client was blown away, and this is a client used to seeing creative and interesting film and animation work, saying this was the best animation they’d been involved with creating during their time with Ministry of Sound.

And it’s always amazing to see an advert you’ve created on prime time TV!

A fly-through of a guitar is anything but normal, especially when it had to feel like an epic cathedral of music, so expectations were high all round. Flow were flexible; they listened to what we, and the client wanted to see. The end result is a beautiful piece of 3D animation forming a memorable Ministry of Sound TV ad.

Creative Spark