• Client

    Raptor Warhurst / Lions Den Management

  • Services

    Video Edit, 2D Animation, Compositing

We worked with freelance director Luke Logan on this music video for Manchester based rap artist Raptor Warhurst.

The Challenge

To create an exciting and visually interesting music video that fits with the tone of the track and the lyrics.

We were given green-screen shot performance footage and given a pretty open brief to make something cool, but of course, the timescale and budget were very tight.

The Solution

Taking the performance footage and keying out the green-screen was the first job, then we experimented with a variety of effects including hand-drawing some of the visual elements and motifs, and hand-rendering some of the key lyrics typographically. We also experimented with a double exposure effect and mixed in a bit of pixel-sorting for good measure too.

The Results

The artist and management company loved the visual style and the video was shared widely on the artists digital channels clocking up over 200K views in the first week.

I absolutely love it man, it’s incredible, totally different to what everybody else is doing, very creative. Thank you Flow so much for all your hard work.

Raptor Warhurst, Rap Artist