• Client

    Manchester City Council

  • Services

    Animation / Branding / Print / Illustration / Website

We produced an appealing suite of collateral for Manchester City Council’s forward thinking project

The Challenge

SmartImpact is a partnership between 10 European cities, lead by Manchester City Council, sharing knowledge of 5 key components that each of the cities identified as being vital to a smart city. This then led to each city creating a action plan, resulting in new ways of working and a sustainable future.

We were commissioned to create a range of collateral, which would look and educate the audience on the complex partnership and its aims, in a way that was easy to understand and would work well across all formats.  The client wanted the project to have an engaging and consistent look and feel that would work well across a website, video, print and event signage.

illustration of manchester
Illustration of Porto for SmartImpact
illustration of Miskolc
illustration of Eindhoven
Illustration of Guadalahara for SmartImpact
illustration of Dublin
illustration of Zagreb
Illustration of Smolyan for SmartImpact
illustration of Stockholm
Illustration of Suceava

The Solution

We quickly realised that the designs for the project needed to be bright, bold and fresh and so we developed a unique attention grabbing style which lent itself to print material, website and animation. We created an animation to explain the project goals in simple terms and a bespoke illustration for each partner city. We also developed a different pattern and colour way for each of the 5 themes, so that they felt like part of the SmartImpact brand but could also be used independently.

Altogether there were 20 case study videos, 15 bespoke illustrations, print documents and a range of event, wayfinding signage, promotional products, animated video and a website to house all the content, all within a limited timeframe.

illustrated site button
branded and illustrated button for website
illustrated Button from Website with symbol
Button from Website with symbol branding and illustration
illustrated button for website
website button illustration and design

The Results

The end result is a cohesive and bold style which is eye catching yet simple and conveys all the information clearly. The animation and all brand collateral was showcased at an event in March 2018 in Manchester, at which all representatives of the 10 cities came together to discuss the project and partake in various workshops and talks

The newly launched website is now a hub for cities worldwide who share SmartImpact’s aims. The toolkit we produced is now being used by all 10 partner cities to communicate SmartImpact.