Tattu Restaurant

  • Client

    Tattu Restaurant

  • Services

    Artwork Creation, 2D Animation, Video Installation, Social Video

Working with our pals and neighbours Tile Creative we made a unique video installation at multi-award winning restaurant Tattu, and a series of social videos in the same style.

The Challenge

The client had a vision of a tattoo-style artwork being ‘drawn’ live on the walls while diners ate in the stunning new Leeds venue, then the artwork ‘comes to life’ and the creatures and scenes begin to move.

The artwork style had to be authentic, and the animation had to work with this flat style.

The Solution

We worked with a tattoo-artist to create the bespoke tattoo-style illustrations that fit perfectly on the wall space at the restaurant. A drawing process recording was made for each artwork, which was projected in white on the walls. We then used an ink spill effect to fill the outlined artwork with vibrant pinks and purples to match the colour palette of the restaurant’s outstanding décor. The next step was bringing the artwork to life by animating the scenes. Final on-site testing ensured the artwork and animated video files looked amazing projected on the walls.

For the social video we used the same artwork and created shorter cut-downs of the animation, ending on a key message or call-to-action.

The Results

Tattu has won multiple awards for it’s unique style and exquisite dining experience and these ‘animated wallpaper’ videos added the icing on the cake.

The projected artwork added an extra dimension to the already stunning venue, and the moment the artwork comes to life on the walls always gives the diners an extra surprise.

The campaign of brand work for Tattu by Tile Creative, including the videos, has been short-listed for a prestigious Northern Marketing Award for Best Food and Drink Campaign, and has helped to create a truly exceptional atmosphere in the restaurant.

The videos that Flow created added something extra special to the already stunning new Leeds restaurant. The tattoo style artwork works perfectly with the Tattu brand look and they look amazing animated on the walls, adding an extra level of wow factor.

Lee, Tile Creative