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Creative Bloq: New Years Resolutions

Our Junior Designer, Alex, wrote about her new years design resolutions for online blog, Creative Bloq. Read what she had to say about new years resolutions here:

“As a social media addict, I find myself constantly scrolling and finding design challenges in hashtags such as #inktober or #36daysoftype,” says Alexandra Francis, junior designer at Flow Creative. “Every year I have tried to participate in more hashtags but found myself excited to start and never finishing.”

So at the start of 2018, she resolved to do things differently this year. “I decided to tweak the 36 days of type challenge to suit me, and made a new year’s resolution to draw the alphabet,” she explains.

“But instead of completing the challenge in 36 days I posted a letter on my Instagram whenever I had time, aiming for once a week. Once a week fitted better into my schedule, didn’t give me added stress and meant I actually enjoyed drawing each letter as opposed to rushing my way through the alphabet.

Alexandra Francis tweaked her resolution for 2018, and got a job as a result

Alexandra Francis tweaked her resolution for 2018, and got a job as a result

And the result couldn’t have been better. “On top of making the challenge suit me, I accidentally lined up my Instagram grid so that each letter appeared directly on top of each other. Liking how this looked and wanting my Instagram to act as a mini portfolio, it forced me to draw a letter so that this was maintained. In doing this I was headhunted by Flow Creative, who saw my feed and I landed my dream job!

“I am now on the letter Z and in giving myself a weekly brief, I have been able to really push my style and technique,” she concludes. “I have gone from only traditional drawing to experimenting with Paint, Procreate and Illustrator.”

Lesson learned: A daily design challenge sounds like a fun thing. But are you really that flexible with your time and schedule that you can realistic fulfil it? Consider whether changing it to weekly, fortnightly or monthly might be more achievable.

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